Wednesday, June 27, 2012


CINDY and Traffic,  JESS and Mocha with Jr Hanlder KELSEY, CAROLE, CHRIS and Cowboy, JUDY and Lenny, MEG and Rudy, AMANDA Kessie and Tink

Great time at the regional championships this weekend, highs , lows, great times and friends! mocha won her gamble today and finishing 5th overall in 16inch reg. Tink was a gambling fool and was super consistent with placements coming home with a 4th place finish overall 16 inch specials. Traffic gets his steeplechase q Friday and a 4 th place finish in the gamble 1, cowboy wins his standard run today in 16 inch specials and a 6th place finish in the gamble. Lenny wins his standard run today and two 4th place finishes in jumpers. Rudy finishes strong in the 22" division with just one refusal in his standard run today! Kessie left the ring without biting Amanda's feet on the last run!!! Definitely the brownies helped today... Thanks Carole!

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